New kind of my thought

Good evening (or Good Morning/Afternoon) to all of you! I’m here! I apologize,my readers, for my long absence.

The matter is that… There is something unclear in Russia now . Problems with Ukraine, the United States of America and Europe exhaust us very much. We are experiencing because of the deteriorating relations with other countries. I think it’s silly to conduct political war and the more so when it affects thus the citizens. But our governments, probably, don’t care what people think. For them are important only their own selfish desires. Sometimes it seems to me that without the power we could live better.

Anyway the problem of our governments can lead to what there will be the same situation as was in the Crimea and what is now in Ukraine.

People will begin revolutions. And in this case either they will join other country (as the Crimea),or they will become independent, and in the worst case they will destroy themselves (it’s happening now in Ukraine). It is terrible. What happens to the world?
These thoughts inspired me to a story, which will appear on pages of my blog in some days. 

I called it “Try to believe“. It’s the short story about an ordinary American family and relations between dad, mum and their child.

Hope, you will read it!

See you soon! 

Your Tell West


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