For my readers…


 Okay, this’s my first message in wordpress blog. And I want to tell you that  everything in this blog will be devoted to literature.

I have already one blog on blogger platform but there you’ll find not only my stories.  The Sun Diary is my real online diary where I write all things that have happened in my life (Sorry, but sometimes I write there only in Russian). 

Well, some messages will be only in Russian, and some only in English. And it won’t depend on my desire to hide something from people who don’t know either Russian, or English. At all not. Simply my blog  for readers from all over the world and therefore everything that will be written in this blog, will be translated by me.

So, excuse me if I’ll make some mistakes in my translations – I only study! 🙂  Therefore I ask you to leave your comments and to write me there everything that you consider it necessary. Only “Don’t spam in the comments section, please!” It annoys! 

By the way, I like to respond to your comments from time to time.  But I don’t respond to thoughtless or generic stuff, so keep it smart. The things I put here are my own thoughts, stories and poems. If you’ll use them in your life, please, don’t forget about me!

Thank you for visiting! 

Your Tell West


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